"It is not us who have chosen to develop these projects, it has simply happened that the seed of a common dream has found in us a fertile ground. It was as if someone whispered in our ears what to do, while we were sleeping. When we woke up, we both knew how we were going to spend the rest of our time.” Andreea and George


We started Football for Life Project in 2007, without having a long-range strategy. It was a decision taken in 5 minutes, which we both agreed with: we had to do something for Pro Vita. We started the project in the Netherlands, during Ajax times. Our team mates immediately agreed to help, as they had already had experience in these matters, given that philanthropic practices are deeply rooted in the Netherlands, going as far back as nearly the pre-capitalist era.


"Football for Life" is a unique project in Romania, initiated in 2007 by George Ogăraru for the benefit of children from Pro Vita in Valea Plopului, a programme that fights for children education through football. Orphan children have little chance of success in the competitive society in which we live, and football can stretch its leverage to build these children a future.


Football for Life the First Edition

2007, the Netherlands


We made some videos showing famous players from the Netherlands expressing their willingness to support the Football for Life campaign.  Frank de Boer, Edgar Davids and Klaas Jan Huntelaar joined in. A few personal items are put up for an auction on the newly created website Following the sale of these items, money is collected for the purchase uniforms for the following school year, as well as some food supplies.


Football for Life the Second Edition

2008, Romania


The 2008 campaign had a larger impact than the previous one. There were many more supporters of the project: we had media partners involved, along with well-known journalists, who wrote special articles, written to serve as weapon in the fight against the vicissitudes of life experienced by children from Pro Vita. An auction  was organized to sell items belonging to football players like Mirel Radoi, Petre Marin Bogdan Lobont, Dorin Goian, Mihai Nesu, Eduard Stancioiu, Adrian Cristea Florin Lovin, Gabi Muresan, Dani Coman, Octavian Grigore, Ionel Danciulescu, George Ogărare and many others. A hotline was made available for people to donate a fixed amount of money by sending an SMS.

The money collected was used to build the foundation of important buildings.




Football for Life, Third Edition


The goals of this edition are to put up a competitive football school, to be run by the coaching methods George Ogăraru has acquired during his training at Ajax Amsterdam.

The aim is that orphans, too, can benefit by education through sport, namely through football, so that may have a chance to a better future.


This time, the "Football for Life" Project  plans to raise the necessary funds and gather the means required to build football fields  equipped with bleachers and locker rooms for the benefit of underprivileged children but also for children living a normal life, from Bucharest and from the village of Valea Plopului, Vălenii de Munte. Until the actual construction of the sports facilities, we will continue to train children using the same basic means as before.


The George Ogăraru Association has been invited to participate to an international football tournament organized by Mihai Nesu Foundation, in the Netherlands, in June 2013, together with top football teams from the Dutch league, among others.

George Ogăraru will rung a preselection designed to help him put up a competitive team of children under 12 years, whom he will train himself pending their participation in the tournament. Preselection will take place in early March in Bucharest.

Also in March we will finalize the list of partners in the project. Those interested in supporting the project are kindly asked to confirm their intention in due time. Stay tuned to find news about this project.

  • ”Football for Life" is a charity event initiated by Romanian footballer George Ogararu
    George appeal to all people of football and fans of the sport to become more involved in helping those in need.
  • 17 December 2011 - 50 Steaua supporters, led by George Ogararu, participated in a volunteer action in Screzii Valley, helping with food, clothes, toys and releasing the fire area that affected the community a few days ago and managed to destroy 2 houses in the area.
  • George Ogararu Culture and Sports Association - Project "Football for Life" - SPECIAL PRIZE
  • George Ogararu donates his playing boots to children from Saint Stelian Association.
  • ”Football for Life"