George Ogararu Football School
Nov 30, 2012

Why a Football School for Boys and Girls ?
Because the king-sport has for a long time gone beyond the boundaries of what is typically known as a man’s world, becoming a sport that is equally attractive for boys and girls worldwide. Football teams of child’s sports clubs and major sports schools are at present made boys or girls, but also of mixed boys and girls teams, thus giving any child with a passion for football a good start and a chance to make a successful career in their favorite field.

Why George Ogăraru?
Because he is the promoter of a completely new and innovative training and coaching method in Romania, addressing children and juniors. Owing to his special training and coaching skills, and thanks mainly to his qualification in the physical and mental training methods dedicated to juniors, acquired at AFC AJAX Amsterdam Academy, George Ogăraru has a view and a type of approach that depart from the classical sporting practice, giving each child a chance to enhance his or her value and skills and to practice sports in an environment dominated by positive thinking and stimulent attitude.

Training courses may take place both at the schools that ask us to provide them with our working methods, and on AGO’s own sport grounds currently under construction. Depending on the number of service requests we receive, we are able to provide further sporting sites. Our training services employ physical development and coordination coaching methods, and courses aiming at increasing child’s self-confidence and helping the child acquire a stronger and modern mentality which, coupled with the right type of talent shaping, can lead the child to success. A strong and healthy mind in an equally strong and healthy body is essential for any of our trainees, along with a proper modeling of their vision through intellectual stimulation.

George Ogararu Football School works strongly connected with the AGO Team in order to give all the children the best opportunity to play their favourite sport and to help us increase the number of participants.