Projects conducted in Bucharest
Nov 30, 2012

Journalism workshops and creative writing circles for talented children with an inclination for the art of writing. These circles are organised in Bucharest, in Prelungirea Ghencea and 1 Mai area. The best writings are published annually in a special volume and put up for sale on the AGO website and in bookstores. We are also working on a children’s magazine edited by and for children, in pdf format.

Workshops (sewing, embroidery, knitting, jewelry making) for mothers and daughters, designed to develop creativeness and practical skills, while also pursuing the therapeutic purpose of improving the parent-child communication and help them spend quality time together. The handicraft items they make are sold online and funds are raised are used to support and diversify the activities of our association.

Three-month football, handball, fencing, basketball and other sports courses, delivered by famous sportsmen and sportswomen, who have access to innovative teaching and coaching methods.
Children have the opportunity to participate in performances and competitions specific to their age, as well as to experience exchanges with children from other countries, in Romania and abroad.

Some of the courses are delivered for a small fee, to allow us to purchase of the necessary training aids. Children with special talents, who are not in a position to pay the fee, are supported by sponsorships, within the available budget limit.