Hope for a beautiful dream
Mar 13, 2013

We did it.
He had the incredible chance to work with Ajax Foundation in order to start the building of a sport center for our children. It was a really nice event which gave us the hope we can accomplish what we have planned long ago.

Building a sport center for children in need would bring joy and confidence for future.
 Our activity is part of the project „FOOTBALL FOR LIFE”.
 Through this project AGO wants to build a sport center together with a social center for the talented children with no parents or with difficult life situations.
The events from 20/21 February reflected that involving can lead to beautiful results.
We would like to thank especially to the ones who helped this event by providing the building, the pitch, food and sweets and did also the hard working to organize everything in time. Without them we couldn’t do it.
 Our very special volunteers who helped are: Gabi and Victor, Mihaela, Camil and Codrin, Vlad, Bogdan, Florin, Mihail, Cristina and Daniel and also the drivers who brought the kids safely and took them back in good care. They are great people.
The first day we have visited the Ajax Official training on the National Arena. The kids were really impressed about the stadium. They had smiles on their faces and lights in their eyes. They were interested to hear about the Ajax Academy for children as we explained it is probably the best in the world. You could see the boys dreaming already.
National Arena is great and big, but not big enough for all the romanian orphans.
The game day they came early. They had pizzas and cookies for plenty of energy. They received beautiful complete football kits which suited them perfectly. They played, trained and laughed feeling appreciated and supported.
The sponsors had the chance to see the description of the project, and learned about our needs and dreams. They also got presents made by the children with their own hands.
Ajax Foundation liked our project and promised their support, so we consider ourselves very lucky indeed.
They were accompanied by most of Ajax main sponsors who were also happy to hear about us and offered to support our cause.
But the most important is that the children were so impressed and motivated as now they do believe there might be a good chance in this life also for them. They become more responsible and they cannot wait to do it again and again.
If you want to support us too, just let us know!