Football for Life III rd Edition
Jan 15, 2013

The project "Football for Life" will gather this time the necessary funds and means for the construction of football fields with bleachers and locker rooms for the benefit of underprivileged children but also for children with normal life in Bucharest and Valenii Plopului. Until the actual construction of the sports we continue our training in the same basic and simple conditions as before.

George Ogararu Association was invited to participate in a intenational football tournament organized by Michael Nesu Foundation in Netherlands, in June 2013. Top teams will participate from the Dutch league but not only.


George Ogararu will hold an preselection in order to form a competitive team for children under 12 years, which he will train for the tournament. Preselection will take place in early March in Bucharest.


Also in March we will finish the list of partners for the project. Those interested in supporting the project are asked to confirm in time. Stay with us to hear more news about this project.