Lidia Minciuna
Dec 1, 2012

I inherited the passion for music from my parents. The first signs of success occurred at the age of 15-16 years after participating in the international festival of Baia Mare "Chants, sons sur scene" where I won the grand award. Later I deepened my musical studies at the Popular Art School, continuing with bachelor studies and master studies at George Enescu University of Arts from Iasi.

Extracurricular activities both in the country and abroad have made an important contribution to my artistic and pedagogical approach.

I want to share the art of voice singing to all those who feel the need to express themselves through sounds.

Marian Hutanu
Dec 1, 2012
Coming from a family in which music was a permanent member, I chose the path of the musical instrument, namely of the piano. As a child I started studying this instrument in order to understand a world different than the one we see every day.
I went to the College of Art "Ciprian Porumbescu" from Suceava in my secondary school years, and I continued and finished high-school in the same institution at specialization - main piano, and later I became part of the team of students from the "George Enescu" University of Arts from Iasi. During this time I worked actively as a piano teacher with children of all ages.
After my experiences and teachings received, I suggest a relaxed and friendly approach in studying the piano.
Ira Sacenco
Dec 1, 2012

My passion for music developed for me ever since childhood compelling me to study music. Therefore, the secondary school, high-school and bachelor studies at the Academy of Music and Theatre "Gavriil Muzicescu" and master studies at "George Enescu" University from Iasi were graduated in this field. I studied to become a choir master, the title of my specialization.

I intend to form children choirs in which children will evolve from an artistic, creative and social point of view. I believe that choir is as a wonderful thing for children of all ages.

Aurel Hutanu
Dec 1, 2012

With over 20 years of experience and a certificate in music, with participations in various performances over time, the experience led me to a better understanding of the method of study of guitar in a relaxed setting freely available to anyone who wants to understand this instrument in a fair and free way.

Guitar is an ideal instrument for all children who want to study a unique instrument with many possibilities.