Come to our hive to help us build a construction of talents which will raise the level of the community in which we, you and your children live.

Together we decide the future of generations that we have a chance to shape harmoniously.


The data of the George Ogararu Culture and Sport Association are:

Unique registration code No. 30926535


  • RO08RZBR0000060015171728 - current account RON
  • RO40RZBR0000060015171734 - current account EUR



2 % Campaign

Redirect 2% to George Ogararu Association for culture and sport programs and more than 80 children will have access to cultural and sport means that gifted children with difficult life situations miss.


How does it work?


  1. fill in the form: 230 statement  as employee and 200 statement for income from independent activities (transfer of usage property, copyright, etc.)
  2. submit the form directly or by mail by the deadline legally stipulated, May 15, 2013 (date of registration or mail)
  3. convince as many people around you to sign the form 2%



Forms must be submitted to the Public Finance Administration to which you belong or you can send it by mail, by registered letter.
The addresses of regional offices of Public Finance Administration can be found on the ANAF website.

For further information please complete the form below or contact us




0720 541 214