Asociatia GEORGE OGARARU CULTURE AND SPORTS ASSOCIATION was set up as a non for profit and non guvernamental organization with the main mission to educate and help children withount finacial means to develop and fulfill their talent and dreams in sports, sciences and any other cultural areas.

We have discovered huge potential in the new generation who must be helped to achieve a good level in order to help and raise their communities, especially when there are no resources. We want to enable each child and young adult to achieve his full potential by guiding them to exercise creativity and develop psysical fitness.

We identify
children who need us in order to cultivate their talents, and whose needs we are satisfying by offering them cultural and sporting programs We operate in order to give children the chance to capitalize on their talents and fulfill their dreams of sporting and cultural methods as a result of the experience of our employees.
We select
students recommended by their teachers and by our contacts within the community, to make sure that we work with those who can fully benefit from the diversity and the professionalism of our programs..

We connect
A.G.O helps talented and passionate children get familiar with the types of activities they need in order enhance their innate talents and find the right track towards making the most of their life and abilities.

We advice
talented and passionate children at risk, in order to help them build their self-esteem and confidence in their personal success.

We involve
donors and partners in supporting children with special talents and passions. We offer donors the opportunity to be useful and put their shoulder to building a future for a potentially gifted child, a better future for the community.

We share
the achievements of the children we support, as inspiring examples the community and the society as a whole.

  • We contribute the development of the society we live in by supporting children with intellectual talents and a skill for sports.
  • Children need to be discovered, polished and appreciate and their passions and talents cultivated for their own benefit but also of others.
  • We enjoy the support of many great sportsmen, who are willing to invest in the upcoming generations, by drawing on the knowledge and expertise they have gained during their national and international careers and by applying high-class coaching and communication methods.
  • We have the support of teachers and men of culture from the local community, who wish to contribute to the proper running of cultural activities and to help stakeholders acquire practical skills.
  • We accept students from diverse backgrounds, without discrimination.
  • We apply professional coaching and training methods, designed to make sure that we convey the children the right information and the adequate demonstrations.
  • We conduct fundraising activities for the benefit and support of the children enrolled in our programs.